Funding pivotal innovation to grow our investments over time

We offer funds with a pure-play selection approach, and the revenue from stocks included is always derived from the energy transition.

Our unconstrained approach means we invest across the globe, sectors and market capitalisations, and an integrated sustainability filter enables us to remove companies exposed to controversial sectors and industries, as well as companies on Norway’s bank exclusion list.

We understand the dynamics of supply chains and aim to identify bottlenecks along them, pivoting our investments to accelerate and optimise them. 

  • Universe
    In our defined investable universe, we apply a pure-play selection approach where all stocks included in the universe has a significant part of its revenue derived from the theme or is heavily invested in the specific megatrend. 

    The universe is benchmark agnostic and is unconstrained in regions, sectors and market capitalizations. 

    A sustainability filter is integrated to remove companies that are exposed to controversial sectors, industries and companies on Norway’s bank exclusion list.
  • Supply Chain
    Supply Chain
    Our investment strategy puts the supply chain at the centre of the investment process. The key is to understand the dynamics of the supply chain and identify and locate potential bottlenecks. What is the rationale behind the bottlenecks, are they temporary or long-lasting and how can we accelerate them. 

    Once we understand the dynamics of the supply chain, we select subsegments with a bottleneck risk. Our aim is to pivot our investments to accelerate and optimise the supply chain. We also assess the attractiveness of the subsegment and its total addressable market and barriers to entry.

    For each preferred subsegment we list all relevant companies.
  • Stock Selection
    Identifying Leaders
    Companies are ranked based on business model, market position, management, jurisdiction, growth potential, product, assets, access to capital and valuation. 

    High Conviction
    Leaders are implemented into a concentrated conviction-based portfolio. 
  • Monitoring
    Ongoing and close dialogue with our portfolio companies and with prospective investments.

    Ongoing research and support from top-tier research houses and investment banks, selected for their local and thematic expertise.

    Risk & Liquidity
    Ongoing monitoring of risk and liquidity on security and portfolio level. 

Our high conviction approach helps us implement identified leaders in concentrated conviction-based portfolios. Through ongoing and close dialogue with our portfolio companies, we are able to uncover attractive investments. Risk and liquidity are monitored on an ongoing basis. 

Invest in the future

At Thematica, we are only focusing on disruptive trends within the energy transition. Disruptive trends are strong, powerful and transformative forces that have changed our economies, societies and how we have lived our lives for centuries. They are reshaping our world and they are key to economic growth. Our aim is to capture innovation by identifying the potential for change. When we understand where the world is heading, we can construct well defined themes with unprecedented growth opportunities.

·Dedicated experts with one focus – innovation driving the world forward

·Supply chain perspective – uncovering opportunities early to capture explosive growth

·Active management – offering close dialogue with portfolio companies

·Future focused – investing where the world is heading

·High conviction – only offering strategies that we believe in

Research & Ideation

Research is an integral part of our investment process. To complement our internal research, we also work with several top-tier research houses and investment banks, selected for their local and thematic expertise. They provide us with unparallel support, from site visits, roadshows and research. They also present us with new investment opportunities and give us access to attractive investments that are only available to institutional investors.

·Direct contact with management in the companies we invest

·Roadshows to find new investment opportunities

·Top tier investment banks, brokers, and other external research providers

·Institutional events focused on clean energy

·Specialized industry consultancy firms focused on clean energy research

·Institutional placements and IPOs through investment banks and brokers

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